It's time to WORK WITH US

Our cutting edge technologies can help your business to be competitive in market. All our services and products can be easily adopted to conventional manufacturing lines.


Big companies are started to outsource R&D departments to focus on production. Outsourcing Research and Development can give you a chance to use cutting edge technologies with lower cost.

project partnershıp

You can partner with us on a specific project. If you have a problem with one of your product, or you need a better one, you can contact with us. Our experienced team can give you solution

know-how transfer

You can use our proven technologies. You will get full recipe for production of materials that we developed. We can cover the problems associated with production of the products.

educatıon and tests

You can get private course from our experts. You can get prototype production and tests from us. We have access to various laboratories globally. You can get service from our labs.

Why Ober r&d ?

Ober offers good solutions for industry.

  • Experience
  • Proven Technologies

What You Get

You can get advantage over other companies by emloying our solutions.

  • Competitiveness
  • Market ready product